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Education, Choices and Our Children

I have had several people ask me recently why I homeschool and do not have my children in Harford County Public Schools, especially since I am running for a county office. I had one person ask me if I hate the public school system. Of course, I do not. Having a vibrant and thriving educational system is vital for the country, state, and county and I fully support the school system and its teachers. Teachers and the entire school system require support from all levels of government to ensure our children are receiving the best possible education.

My oldest two children graduated from the Harford County Public School System, one from the Science and Math Academy and the other from the International Baccalaureate Program. For various reasons, my other children struggled within the school system. After reviewing the options available, my husband and I decided homeschooling would be the best choice for our children and the family. It was at that point, I realized public school systems are not able to meet the educational needs of every single child. Parents know their children’s strengths and weaknesses and are the best people to determine their educational needs.

My personal experience taught me families need to have educational choices available to them. They should be able to choose from among the options the one which will best meet the needs of their children and family. Homeschooling has provided us the flexibility to design individualized programs to meet the needs of each of our children and they are thriving.

Just like public education needs to be supported by the various levels of government, parental choice in education also needs to be supported.

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