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Responsive & Engaged Government

Donna is dedicated to working with the people of Southern Harford County to be their voice in Bel Air. Responsive and transparent local government makes a difference in our community. With so many homes, business, and visitors, Southern Harford County is at a threshold. Together we build a bright future for ourselves and our families by making our voice heard!

Economic Development

Donna will work to strengthen small businesses and bring growing companies BACK to the Rt. 40 corridor. By ensuring that our community receives our fair share of public resources, together we can make Southern Harford County shine.

Community Safety, Crime & Drug Abuse

Community safety is of prime importance and Donna wants to keep lowering crime! Donna thanks the hardworking first responder men and women. She will make sure they have the tools they need to fight crime and keep our community safe. She will partner with government and private community members to educate the public and enforce the law--particularly regarding the heroin and opioid crisis.


We are proud of our schools here in Southern Harford County! Strong schools make strong communities. We have some of the best and brightest students attending them. Donna will work ensure that the children of southern Harford County get the educational resources they need to succeed in the classroom and workforce.


Friends of Donna Blasdell, Authority, Chris Brooks, Treasurer
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